BS 5837:2012 tree surveys

We produce tree surveys that assess trees according to British Standard 5837. Our experience has been gained through many years of working with the various revisions of BS 5837, from its early days as BS5837:1980, through the major changes in BS5837:1991 and BS5837:2005, to its most recent update in BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.

Our surveys help you to maximise the value of your site by highlighting where tree protection efforts are worthwhile, and conversely where attempting to save a tree which may appear healthy is in fact a waste of time and effort.

Our BS 5837:2012 tree surveys include, as a matter of course:

  • Assessment of trees according to the BS5837:2012 value categories (A1/A2/A3, B1/B2/B3, C1/C2/C3, and U)
  • Calculation of Root Protection Areas (RPAs) for individual trees
  • Estimation of safe useful life expectancy of trees

We produce architect-friendly, industry-standard AutoCAD plans highlighting tree value and identifying by colour-coding where special methods of construction to protect trees are proposed. Our tree reports speak the same professional language as local authority planning and tree departments.