Tree consulting during COVID-19

Updated 11 April 2022

On site visits, we continue to observe physical distancing and to wear masks while indoors.

Updated 29 November 2021

Despite the loosening of nationwide restrictions, we have broadly retained our previously adopted precautions. We are monitoring the situation regarding the Omicron variant. As before, physical distancing, masks within indoor spaces, and outdoor routes are used where possible.

Updated 17 June 2020

John’s Cromar’s Arboricultural Company is open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All our employees are working remotely. Our ‘distributed office’ therefore remains operational, accepting and processing new and existing instructions. 

Site visits

We would like to assure our clients that we continue to work as normally as possible, consistent with HM’s Government and NHS advice, during this difficult period. Our physical work is mainly interacting with trees rather than people. Although it is always great to meet our clients face-to-face, the pace of business and personal life often precludes this, even under normal circumstances.  

In some cases I have gone 20 years and through multiple instructions without meeting my client. Our business relationships have been none the worse for the extended separation.   

John Cromar, our lead tree consultant

Under the current coronavirus restrictions our company policy is: 

  • to avoid all face-to-face contact with clients
  • to maintain a 3m person-to-person separation if physical interaction is unavoidable

If your trees are only accessible by going through a currently habited internal space (for instance, if the tree is in the back garden of a terraced house with no other access), our consultant(s) will wear a face mask and gloves while passing through. Shoe coverings and an eye mask may also be worn if requested, or shoes can been rinsed beforehand.

Our personal green spaces are likely to become even more valuable during this period of social distancing. We look forward to assisting with the management of these sites, and in some small way thereby contributing to the solace we all require. 

Supporting Fund4Trees

Since 2018, John Cromar’s Arboricultural Company has been supporting the charity Fund4Trees, which promotes sustainable treescapes through research and education, particularly of young people.

John Cromar (centre) with Fund4Trees trustees Russell Ball and Mick Boddy

Both individuals and commercial entities can donate to Fund4Trees through their website. The Donate One Job and Donate One Hour schemes are of particular relevance to those involved in the arboricultural industry.

Oxfordshire presence established

John Cromar’s Arboricultural Company Limited are pleased to announce that they have established personnel in the city of Oxford. This will enable the company to better provide tree services in the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and West London regions.

John Cromar on BBC Radio

After gales felled several trees in the UK, John Cromar was asked by the BBC to speak on the subject of tree safety. In the discussion on BBC Radio 5 Live, he outlined the steps that members of the general public should take, if dealing with fallen or potentially falling trees on one’s property.

A brief excerpt from the discussion was later replayed during the Radio 5 Live news round-up.