About our tree consultancy

As an arboricultural consultancy, established in 1982, we offer a wide range of tree advice services.

One definition of arboriculture is “the care and cultivation of trees for ornament.” Yet trees quietly contribute, to an increasingly noisy and impatient world, so much more than ornamentation. Our towns, cities and villages need the green component as never before.

Our company motto is “appropriate conservation.” All of us can acknowledge, whatever our beliefs about origins of the natural world, and whatever our business with it, our common need for trees and their complexity and beauty. It is, however, not always appropriate to retain trees close to people and their activities, but decisions to prune, remove, or alter conditions near trees require careful consideration as a minimum, and very often the assistance of the appropriate professionals.

Logo used by qualified Fellows of the Arboricultural Association

John Cromar holds the Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, administered by the Royal Forestry Society, as well as practical tree care and pruning qualifications. He has for many years been a Fellow of the Arboricultural Association, the UK’s premier professional tree care body. In the words of the Association, Fellows “represent the best of arboriculture”, with fellowship, the highest membership grade available, recognising “knowledge, experience and dedication” and “contribution to the industry”.