Building near trees

New buildings can be built very close to trees with neither suffering. We have handled thousands of trees on development sites in relation to projects of all sizes, from small domestic extensions to large commercial sites. Here are three examples.

We aided the (successful!) retention of a large London plane tree, inches from a new development adjoining The Deanery of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

We were consulted in a major road construction project in one of London’s premier residential areas, Kensington Palace Gardens and Palace Green. Substantial mature London plane trees were successfully retained throughout.

We advised on retainability of the tree (pictured), assisted in the design of the building, and supervised the care of the tree throughout the planning and construction processes. The tree, in Muswell Hill, north London, has been inspected a number of times since and is still thriving; no deleterious effects from construction have been observed.

Architects, town planning consultants and developers all use our services. Our reports ‘speak the language’ of local authority planning departments. We provide assessments according to BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to construction — Recommendations. These enable you to maximise the value of your site, by, for example, identifying trees that may look sound and healthy but are in fact not safe to retain. Trees retained in good condition can add as much as 15–20% to the sale value of the finished development. By enabling you to retain the right tree in the right place, a valuable and enduring gift to the future is made.